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Things You Need to Know When Applying for a US Passport

Applying for a US passport can be very exciting especially when you get it for the first time to travel to a foreign country. Having your own valid US passport will allow you to travel outside of the United States and travel the world. A passport is a globally recognize travel document which serves as a verification of the nationality an identity of the person holding it. In the United States, the US Department of States in the only department of the government that has the authority to grant, issue, and verify passport.

Typically, the US passport comes with a five year and ten year validity. For those who issued their passports when they 16 years old or older, the passport will expire after 10 years. While for people who issued their passports when they were 15 years old or below, the passport will expired after five years.
You can apply for a passport at over 9,000 facilities across the United States. These facilities include the state, federal, probate courts, post offices, county and municipal offices, and to some public libraries.

You are required to apply for your US passport in person in the following circumstances:

1. If you are applying for the first time.
2. If your passport is already expires as is not in your possession.
3. If your passport expired and was issued more than 15 years ago.
4. If your former passport was issued when you were 16 years old or below.
5. If your current passport is stolen or lost.

In addition, you will need to file form DS-82 if you wish to renew a formerly issued US passport by mail or in person at a Regional Passport Agency if ever you are traveling internationally or perhaps you need you passport for foreign visas within 14 days.

In order to replace a stolen or lost passport, you need to make sure you report it first before you can apply for a new one. To do this, you need to fill out form DS-64, or the Statement Regarding Lost or Stolen Passport. Submitting this form means your passport will be invalidated and will be unusable for travel. Reported stolen or lost passport cannot be validated again. To discover more guidelines, visit:

If your passport is stolen or lost, you need to fill out a new passport application, the form DS-11 or Application for Passport just like applying for a new passport. In addition you need to submit DS-64 and bring it with you in person when you apply for a new passport. Read more about passport application here:

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